Aren’t we all just numbers in Someone’s general ledger?

Chocolate tin box, lamp, cigarette box and lunch box displayed in the Bastogne war museum
Image provided by the author

If you suffer from melancholia and if you ever find yourself wandering the border of Luxembourg and Belgium, look for the city of Bastogne. At the outskirt of the centrum, you will find an unremarkable building and a five-point-star-shaped memorial just…

Care only about being understood, not being perfect.

Group of carabaos
Photo by Dio Alif Utomo from Pexels

“You speak carabao English.”

I’ve heard this spoken more often than not, in classrooms and even at work.

The phrase “carabao” English is a reference to one of my country’s national symbols — the carabao. The carabao is a domestic water buffalo and it is a common sight to see…

Tin Mariano

Storyteller for accountants and accounting firms

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